The full-length article must not exceed 12 pages in length. Extra pages will be charged Can$95.00 per page. An extended abstract of not more than four pages in length may be also submitted for consideration.

The pertinent Conference template (LINK below) containing the instructions on how to prepare the full-length article as well as the pertinent Conference copyright-transfer form (LINK below) will be also forwarded by e-mail to the authors of accepted abstracts.

Your paper should be written in English. Please use only one style of English throughout the entire text. Please make sure that your article is clear and comprehensible.

As mentioned above, it is necessary that you would use the Conference template to prepare your full-length paper / extended abstract.

Please submit your full-length paper / extended abstract, in Microsoft Word format, by e-mail, as an attachment, to the Conference Chair at or Please include also in your submission the fully completed and duly signed Conference Copyright-transfer Form (LINK below) pertinent to your article.

The notification of acceptance of the full-length articles will be communicated, by e-mail, to the corresponding authors as soon as possible after receiving the author’s article by the Conference.

For an accepted article to be included in the Conference program and proceedings, payment of the registration fee, as determined by the Conference fee schedule announced on this site, must be received by the Conference at least two months before the start of the pertinent Conference.

Poster paper: Authors of accepted papers may choose to present their articles at the Conference in a poster format. The size of the Conference-poster is standard and of the dimensions, when displayed, of 40-in (width) x 50-in (height).

The Conference proceedings will be published under the core-prefix(es) of the ISBN(s) as designated by “Library and Archives Canada”. The Conference-proceedings will be sent to Elsevier for indexing.

Paper-template and Typing Instructions – AES-ATEMA’ 2013 – ITALY

Paper-template and Typing Instructions – AES-ATEMA’ 2013 – Montreal, CANADA

Paper-template and Typing Instructions – AES-ATEMA’ 2013 – Toronto, CANADA

Paper-template and Typing Instructions – AES-RSESS’ 2013 – Vancoyuver, CANADA

Copyright Transfer – ATEMA’ 2013 – Trieste, ITALY

Copyright Transfer – ATEMA’ 2013 – Montreal, CANADA

Copyright Transfer – ATEMA’ 2013 – Toronto, CANADA

Copyright Transfer – AESRSESS’ 2013 – Vancouver, CANADA